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Saturday, 31 March 2012


Isn't it strange the way things happen?

Our family was supposed to be in Devon for a wedding this weekend. My father wasn't well enough for the journey so my brother stayed behind to look after him. My mother and I tried to get there but she had a fall before we left. Turns out, she'd had a small bleed on the brain, which had caused the fall, but we didn't know it at the time.

The bleed would have happened anyway but if she hadn't been so determined to get to the wedding she would probably have taken her normal dose of Warfarin and gone to bed, which could have led to further bleeding and then brain damage. Instead, she insisted she was ok so we set off.

We hit delays on the motorway, so we turned off and dropped down through Bath intending to pick up the A303. Because the traffic in Bath held us up we stopped at services before Frome for a snack and drink. This was when she took ill and realised she couldn't go on, and because we were where we were, we were within 15-20 minutes drive from Bath Hospital where most of her heart medical records are. Because we stopped at the hospital to have her checked over they spotted the bleed and she is now in the best place having the best care at the earliest possible time.

No matter what happens now the bride and groom have unknowingly given her the best possible chance of a good recovery. Their marriage is truly blessed.

Sometimes delays and obstacles happen for the best.