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Sunday, 6 January 2013

The only way is up

Having previously posted some bad experiences our family has had with the NHS it is now time to post a balancing view.

Shortly before New Year my brother fell ill and we had to call an emergency ambulance that arrived within five minutes.  Half way to the hospital the blue lights went on, we rushed the rest of the journey and my brother was taken straight into the Resuscitation room.  During the whole time the ambulanceman and woman were magnificent.  Efficient, calm, kind and very professional which slightly eased the tension for the rest of us because we knew we were in good hands.

My brother is primary carer for both our parents so at four in the morning I had to call on some friends to come and sit with them while I went with my brother in the ambulance.  Our friends came straight out, no questions, no hesitation, they were there within minutes.  The local care home took my parents in the next day on an emergency respite care basis.

Work have, once again, allowed me compassionate leave to make suitable care arrangements for the family so my brother and parents would be safe coming home.  Everything is now in place...I think!...and my parents are due home tomorrow.

My sincerest thanks to the emergency staff who attended the call and the doctors and nurses in the Accident and Emergency Department.  Sad to say the continuing hospital care dropped to the sorry standard we experienced last time but the emergency care was excellent.  My thanks also to everyone else who has helped during this distressing time, friends, work and the home care services.

My family may not be believers but I am and I found great comfort with Him and thank Him for giving me the strength to cope.

And the outcome?  Well, I saw in the New Year in the hospital car park but as I was there to bring my brother home we've taken this to be a good sign for the coming year.  The only way is up!