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Thursday, 15 September 2011

Proposed public sector strikes

It seems the major unions for public workers are balloting for a strike in protest at the proposals to make members contribute more, for longer to receive less. They say it's not fair.

They're right, it isn't fair

It isn't fair that people should take paid employment on the expectation of certain benefits as part of their remuneration package only to have those benefits reduced. That wasn't the contract they took on. It isn't fair that they should be expected to work longer hours, more years and receive less than they were promised. No argument from me.

It's also not fair that the rest of us should pay more than we can afford in taxes so they can keep their retirement benefits. We, who have seen our incomes fall in value and our own retirement plans in disarray with no recourse. That is exactly what the unions seem to think we should do. We are all looking towards a tough retirement, if we can even afford to retire; that we should be expected to fund public workers for them to keep what we are losing is unacceptable.

I haven't heard one person say a word of support for the proposed strikes. They are not going to be well-received at all.

Public workers are in a prime position to help the country. Instead of creating more misery and discord they could be looking at ways to reduce public spending from within. If they can do that then surely they can reasonably expect support for keeping their benefits from the money saved? They must be able to see places that can be improved, make suggestions for saving money; couldn't the unions use their power to highlight and enforce those suggestions? Come on folks, think of your family and friends who would have to pay more taxes to cover your retirement, think of how miserable a retirement they may have and put your energies into streamlining public services. Please!

Things aren't always fair but sometimes they are necessary.

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Well...I never thought...

...I'd see the day when I'd be commenting on television programmes!

Torchwood! I can't believe what they've done! Sold it to the Americans! Normally I'd applaud this; M.A.S.H. (gotta be top of every dicerning person's list), Cheers!, Taken, their list of triumphs is unending. But O.M.G. as the youngsters would say...what are were they thinking of when they took over Torchwood?

I don't think there are enough exclamation marks left in the world to express how I feel!!!!!!

They've turned a fast-paced, riveting program into a tedious melodrama. (Exclamation mark (for 'dramatic effect!')!


Sunday, 4 September 2011

25 things about me?

Someone suggested I post 25 things he may not know about me. I'm outside my comfort zone but here goes...

1. I'm a dunce with computers and technology in general

2. I'm dangerous around electrics - not long out of school, only a few months into my first job (bank clerk - but please don't hold that against me) I was shown how to open the security window by pressing a button. The lady demonstrated, I copied, big blue flash, cloud of smoke, loud bang and I'd fused the security windows, security doors, in fact the whole bloomin' security system!

3. I like to travel - France, Spain, Greece, Cyprus, Norway, Jordan, Egypt, Canada, Alaska and through various European to Venice on the Orient Express

4. Love my country, both people and land so despite loving to travel I can't see myself living anywhere else

5. My friends are all very different from each other and they are all good people

6. I'm a bookworm, mostly sci-fi and light classics starting with John Wyndham and Jane Austen in junior school (for those not in the know - ages 6 to 11)

7. Favourite authors just now are Terry Pratchett, Dean Koontz and Jane Austen (D'Arcy rools ok!)

8. Prone to opening my mouth and making a fool of myself. I actually think this can be a good thing, it can make people laugh and lighten an atmosphere, and it can also jog better ideas in other people when brain-storming at work

9. I don't have a memory so much as a forgettery

10. I think that's more than enough about me. Two and half months travelling alone through Alaska and Western Canada may have made me more outgoing but I've a long way to go yet